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HSS and Carbide Taps

With more than a century of legacy in the tapping technology, we are committed to deliver to you, taps that are technologically superior and incredibly affordable. This helps us bring down your manufacturing costs significantly. Try our taps and notice the difference.

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Thread Milling Tools

Thread milling is a better solution for your threading needs if your operation is not symmetric or if you are facing elongated chip problems. It is also a better and more efficient solution in case of thread sizes bigger than M12. Our thread milling tools offer a much better tool life, giving you peace of mind of operation.

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Thread Turning Tools

Covering a wide range of thread profiles and pitches, our thread turning tools are available in both carbide as well as CBN. We guarantee consistent tool life and excellent chip control, leading to an efficient and safe operation.

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Thread Whirling Tools

Compared to any competitor in the market, we can provide much superior thread whirling systems for a variety of Swiss-type machines. Be it a double lead thread or even a multi-lead thread, we take your challenge head on. We are experienced with tooling for bone screws as well as worm gears. Check out the videos of our thread whirlers.

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