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Indexable and Solid Drills

Indexable drills, U-drills, spade-type drills, or solid drills, we can assist you in your complete range of  drilling applications. With drill size starting as low as 0.05mm, and going up to >100mm, our drills imported from Switzerland and Germany bring you the best value for your money.

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Micro Drills

Rough Boring and Fine Boring Tools

For your bores with the closest tolerances, our rough and fine boring tools are what you need. Best in class surface finish and life is what we have always achieved with our exclusive tooling in this range.

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Fixed and Expandable Reamers

We strongly believe that if your reamers can't give you a mirror-like finish, then there is no purpose of that reamer. Keeping that in mind, we joined hands with our Swiss partners for making the best quality reamers to impress you and to impress your customer. Go ahead and ask us about our Fixed, Monobloc and Expandable Reamers.

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BTA Drills, Ejector Drills and Trepanning Tools

With the widest range of deep hole drilling tools including BTA, Ejector, Trepanning and many other different types of tooling developed specially for deep holes, we guarantee you a much  better value for your money, by 100% improved tool life and lower tool change frequency.

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Gun Drills

When one of our customers thought of buying new gun drilling machines to increase his capacity, he came to us to ask if we could help, and help we did. For this customer, we developed specialized high speed gun drills that reduced their cycle time to one-third, thereby increasing his capacity to 3 times of his existing capacity without any new machines.

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