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HSS and Carbide Taps

With more than a century of legacy in the tapping technology, we are committed to deliver to you, taps that are technologically superior and incredibly affordable. This helps us bring down your manufacturing costs significantly. Try our taps and notice the difference.

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Solid Ceramic Endmills

You no longer have to machine your Heat Resistant Super Alloys (High Temperature Alloys) at the speeds of carbide. Our solid ceramic endmills require a minimum cutting speed of 300m/min which gives you an amazingly low cycle time with incredible finish.

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Solid Carbide Endmills

If your milling requires top performance in all areas, including tool life, productivity and component quality, then a solid milling tool is a suitable option. For a high metal removal rate and fantastic component quality, choose a solid carbide end mill priced right where you want it to be.

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Solid Carbide Drills

Solid carbide drills are a great option for excellent process security, manufacturing economy and good hole quality. They provide the best combination of penetration rate and precision, with tolerances capable of achieving IT8. Recondition your solid carbide drills for even greater cost efficiency.

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Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Thread milling is a better solution for your threading needs if your operation is not symmetric or if you are facing elongated chip problems. It is also a better and more efficient solution in case of thread sizes bigger than M12. Our thread milling tools offer a much better tool life, giving you peace of mind of operation.

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Micro Drills and Micro End Mills

Our high quality micro-drills and micro-endmills, Made-in-Switzerland, have the highest life in the industry with superior reliability. Our range of different proprietary coatings help us provide improved chip control and a wide application range. Our range starts from as small as ø 0.1 mm with increments of 10 microns and is available up to configuration of L/D ratio 12. Check out our micro-drills and micro-endmills in detail.

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